D-series boilers are solid fuel boilers. better if we don’t have quality fuel. It does not contain sensitive materials (ceramics) or electronic components. Because of their unpretentiousness and ease of operation, they are the most popular MAGA boilers in Slovakia. Compared to old cast iron boilers, they represent a huge advance in operator comfort. In conjunction with wood briquettes, the burn-in time in attenuation mode can be 13-16 hours per load.

D-series hot water boiler is designed for domestic heating of family houses, appartments and other dwellings. It is also ideal for carpenters and furniture manufacturers. It is made in two basic lines: Standard  (5 mm steel body) and Premium (6 mm steel body). The power range: 17, 23, 28 and 35 kW.


  • range of fuel – wood logs, wood chips, wood brickets
  • thermostatic draft regulator;
  • no electronics (nothing to be broken);
  • built-in cooling exchanger against overheating and a thermometer;
  • very reasonable price.


D-PREMIUM is a version with 6 mm steel boiler body. The type very wanted especially in France, Spain, Greece, Nederlands, Lithuania, Chile and Slovakia. It is produced in 17, 23, 28 and 35kW power versions.

Recommended accessories:

  • Safety cooling valve DANFOSS BVTS 3/4″
  • 4-way mix valve


  • max. combustion time: 10 hours (wood logs), 15 hours (wood brickets);
  • longer service life extension up to 15 years;
  • possibility of burning wood and wood waste;
  • combustion chamber depth up to 550 mm;
  • easy operation and cleaning;
  • operation without electricity;
  • the boiler has a built-in cooling exchanger against overheating;
  • 24 months warranty.



This type of boiler is historically the most popular in Slovakia. Especially thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio.

The boiler body is made of high-quality steel sheet 5 mm thick (combustion chamber walls in contact with flame and water) and 3 mm thick (walls only in contact with water). The insulating cover is made of 1 mm thick sheet steel and surface-treated by static powder coating technology. The thermal insulation consists of mineral wool. The grate is tubular – flooded.

It differs from type D PREMIUM practically only by one parameter. The sheet thickness. The technical lifetime of this type is 10-12 years.


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