The construction of our pellet, coal, grain boilers guarantees high operational reliability, durability and easy operation. MAGA PU boilers achieve an efficiency of 89%. The boiler consists of a welded steel plate with a tube exchanger. The inner wall of the boiler is 5 mm thick. In the lower part of the boiler there is a burner from the side where fuel is supplied by a screw conveyor. The boiler has a built-in central electronic control unit that automatically controls the entire operation of the boiler and up to 2 pumps (one for heating and the other for domestic hot water heating with its own thermal sensor). Thanks to this regulation, fuel consumption is minimized. The boiler maintains the set temperature, while the room temperature can be controlled by a room thermostat. In winter, one full tank enables an operation of with average heat output of approximately 2 to 5 days, depending on the fuel type. The boiler is equipped with a water extinguishing device that protects it in the event of a long-term power outage from burning fuel into the tank.

Two basic power types are available. PU25 for households and PU50 for farms and bigger sites, greenhouses etc…


  • high efficiency
  • ecologic combustion
  • pellets, black coal up to 25 mm, grain
  • power variability (25%- 100%)
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • operation by room thermostat
  • operation by two pumps in a system
  • possibility of hot domestic water direct heating
  • the fuel silo can be manufactured on the left or the right side of the boiler


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