MAGA produces a wide range of wood boilers as well as boilers combined with the possibility of wood log combustion. All the MAGA wood boiler types:

  • are made of boiler steel, U.S. Steel Košice;
  • contain boiler overheating (activated by Danfoss BVTS safety valve);
  • pass a double pressure test at 4.5 bar for 24 hours;
  • have a 3-year warranty on the boiler body when connected to a storage tank.
  • available in a wide power range from 15 – 80 kW

High combustion efficiency is reached by a high-quality fuel. Dry wood logs with moisture up to 20% are the most suitable.  For the high efficiency the heat is made very quickly, therefore the accumulation buffer is strongly recommended in order to avoid unnecessary taring of the boiler and thus shortening its service life. Aggressive tar acid causes degradation of the inner boiler body. The accumulation buffers prevent this unwanted effect. Properly installed, the boiler runs on its optimal power range or it is off.

How to extend the life of a wood boiler?

Use dry fuel, ideal wood briquettes. Briquettes are very suitable for boilers of type D and DP, not for wood gasification boilers MA
Use the installation with the accumulation buffer.

We recommend connecting with an accumulation tank. It firstly accumulates the excessive heat produce by the boiler, later on it releases the heat to the heating system in the set up manner.

Benefits from accumulation buffers

  • Significant extension of boiler life
  • 25 – 30% fuel savings
  • The frequency of the boiler room visit will be substantially reduced
  • Radiators, floor heating will always be warm

Installation of wood gasifying boilers with an accumulation tank is compulsory in the majority of EU countries.

Recommended ratio 1 kW output: 100 l storage capacity. For 20 kW we need optimally 2000 l volume.

When to choose a wood gasification boiler and when the ordinary boiler is the best choice?

Wood gasifying MA boilers of the MA series represent the most efficient wood combustion technology. These types of boilers require dry wood. In the gasification phase there should be no visible smoke from the chimney. The exhaust fan ensures an efficient draft of flue gases into the chimney when adding a fuel. Minimizes smoke leakage to the boiler room. Wood gasification boilers are ideally operated with an accumulation buffer, thus reducing unwanted taring of the boiler due to insufficient consumption, and overproduction of  the heat.

Conventional wood-fired D boilers are preferable if we do not have quality fuel available. It does not contain sensitive materials (ceramics) or electronic components. Because of their unpretentiousness and ease of operation, they are the most popular MAGA boilers in Slovakia. Comparing to the old cast iron boilers, they represent a huge advance in operator comfort. Using the wood briquettes, the burn-in time in a slow mode is 13-16 hours per one load.

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