Kotol na pelety a drevo

Steel boilers for solid fuels DP25 are designed for combustion of wood pellets in automatic mode or for combustion of wood logs, wood briquettes or chips in manual mode. The nominal heat output for DP25 steel boilers is 25 kW for manual feeding and 5–20 kW for automatic pellet operation. The boiler body is equipped with a dual heat-exchanger (vertical tubular and horizontal lamellar) which ensures optimal heat transfer to the system. High-quality insulating materials minimize thermal losses and contribute significantly to the extremely high thermal efficiency of the maximum of 94.5 %

The boilers are equipped with a built-in cooling loop and can be used in forced circulation systems as well as in gravity systems. Very reasonable price and short delivery times! Of course, our products are smooth and economical to operate, low operating costs and a guarantee of reliability. All our energy saving systems are innovative and environmentally friendly.

DP25 Premium boilers include the pellet feeder, revolving pellet burner, touch-screen electronic controller and a pellet silo of 600l volume.  Optionally, stronger burner of 30 kW output is available.


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